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Everyone’s got an idea, how you grow it and make it take over the world is what will separate you.

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You’ll learn how I built my business to 7 figures in 364 days during which we launched over 45 apps/products that now generate more than $18M in revenue/month and have millions of users across the globe.

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Who on Earth am I?

A few years ago, I had no audience, no name. Pretty close to broke and learnt how to code.

That changed rapidly and within a few months I was building products for The United Nations, I locked in deals with PwC, I helped launch apps that were bringing in $4.5 M a month in deals.

And soon after within 1.5 years I built and launched some of Australia’s most popular startups, I’ve consulted with MDs of Billion Dollar firms, got published in the likes of Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur, Reuters, Venture Beat and got identified by KPMG as a high growth venture.

Never spent a dime on marketing.

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