How to hack attention

That lead to some yummy growth


Alright, let’s kick-off! Here’s what we’re talking about:

🔥 How Redbull faked demand
🔥 How a small startup got a famous celebrity endorsement

How Redbull faked demand


No really - they used garbage cans to emulate success. This happened as RedBull was forced to using non-traditional patterns to gain traction in the early 90s

When Redbull were entering their UK market, they were trying to work out what their persona in the British market - they settled with partiers/clubbers

With on big celebrity budget how could they create social proof. Afterall as humans, social proof - seeing other people use a product or people we trust use a product is the largest stimulant for a purchase

So Redbull, the sneak buggers, filled open garbage bins across the UK with empty crushed Redbull cans. This gave people the illusion that ALOT of people were drinking this

You’re at a club, you see empty cans everywhere - you definitely start wondering what this drink is, and you give it a shot…boom

Think outside of the box, the CORE principles stay the same in trust growth

How a small startup got a famous celebrity endorsement

This small start-up is yours truly’s - in fact I left a message for you .

So what was the little hack? I hired a popular and funny actor from the famous TV show Silicon Valley to give us a shout out.

I do think what we asked for made as much a difference as just getting him to recording in the first place. I was sure to get him to reference the swingy door thing which is an iconic scene. People on FB certainly loved it

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Important thing to point out is that it worked well in the techie groups - not so much in others. This gave us a healthy jump in sign ups and some high profile attention too

If you’re interested in the video - you can watch it here 😀