2k page visits in 4 hours for free?

This internet thing is wild


Lets kick-off!

Today we’re going to be talking about:

🔥A simple content piece that got ~2k visitors and counting

🔥Great unoriginal ideas that got people 💰

🔥Onboarding principles to 🚀conversions

A simple content piece that got ~2k visitors and counting

Heard about Kapwing? Started 2 years ago, bring in 1.9 Million visitors a month all pure organic. How? They did what remoteworkly.co is doing which is basically SEO project marketing.

They built several mini products/blogs that were epic content pieces - it took them a day or two to create. The core focus was virality and clickbait. Sure this would not lead to “high quality” traffic, but it built up their DA (domain authority) which would rank their primary content higher.

So how did remoteworkly.co get 2k visitors in 4 hours for $0? They launched a 168 point detailed checklist on EVERYTHING you need to do to build a startup. This was followed by posting in over 68 Facebook groups, IndieHackers, GrowthHackers.

The content is “bookmark-y” so people will keep coming back and referring it

How the post was structured.
👉Catchy title (length is wealth, usual checklists are 10-15 items long)
👉Brief on everything people will care about
👉Its “free”
👉Ask to share after saying its free (guilt)

Great unoriginal ideas that got people 💰

This is an inspiration on product ideas that were not reinventing wheels. (i.e the best kind)

TTPMF - Time to product-market fit is THE most important metric I look for when looking at new concepts.

👉Is someone else working on this
👉What does the competition look like
👉Do I understand this space
👉How quickly can I launch this

Now for some examples:

Koala Mattresses. $12M in year 1. The first version of the website was basically a copy of Casper in US. This changed very quickly and now they’re CRUSHING it.

Pilot.com.au. Massive Mens health product. Pretty much copy of forhims in US. They took a validated product and brought it to a new market

Flipkart. Billion $ copy of Amazon. Took the book model and attacked 1.4 Billion person market that is India.

Instagram stories, blatant rip off, Snapchat stories. 400M people use IG stories

Point is, no one gives a shit. Just solve a problem for a customer, better than the competition. Minimise your TTPMF and make that Wifi 🍞.

🔥Onboarding principles to 🚀conversions

Imagine going on a date and entering a REALLY dirty apartment. Not a good impression. Same applies to poor onboarding

So here are some quick things you can do to significantly improve the onboarding experience

👉Priming users. If you’re a travel app, show subtle photos of the beach or vacation. Creates association or representation in a user’s short term memory

👉Carrot & Stick. If you’re going to ask for alot of details, tease the user with their designed outcome. We did this with Autotrader. User puts in-vehicle rego and we show the car details and then “block the price”. User is asked to login.

👉4 step process. Keep the onboarding to a maximum of 4 steps before the user experiences the “Ahaa” moment.

👉Delayed resistance-investment balance. Carrd, a no-code website builder, lets me build an entire website and only asks me to sign up before I deploy it. By then I have invested time, built my site - so I might as well sign up

👉Social proof. Validate outcomes wherever you feel there would be high resistance. Show user tweets and testimonials about how the app improved their life e.g before connecting bank account details

That’s all for this week folks!

Next week we’ll chat about:

🔥How and where to find the right customers

🔥How famous startups acquired their first 10 users

Till then ✌️