How this newsletter gained 1.1k subs in 1 week

Give me $0 and I’ll give you a million dollar business

We’re going to talk about two things today:

🔥Content is king (it’s really not)

🔥Give me $0 and I’ll give you a million-dollar business

This newsletter grew to 1.1k users within a week of launch. I spent $0 growing it.

Here’s how to shared it across the internet and gained email subscribers.

Content is King

Yeah but distribution is the Queen, the Army, the VC Funding and everything under the sun.

Long gone are the build and they will come days. Your distribution strategy needs to be on par with your content quality.

Whenever you distribute remember it needs to be more give rather ask.

With that being said, here’s what was done:

  • Create a $50 Startup eBook, this took 8 hours - I didn’t research content, I already knew everything I was going to write. Save time.

  • Offer the eBook for free with a timestamp of converting to paid

  • Launch eBook across Facebook groups, IndieHackers, HackerNews, GrowthHackers, MakerPad, Sub Reddits (be careful here if your karma points are low)

This was a pure give with no ask. That got me 850 emails

Next was to use the initial audience momentum and ask where they search for news (for the OGs that replied, I thank you)

  • Hit twitter and shared infographics and watermarked the newsletter domain

  • Shared the next newsletter in image snippets across the same FB groups (Startup groups, Marketing groups, product startup groups), HackerNews, IndieHackers, LinkedIn, GrowthHackers, Slack channels and subReddit r/sidehustle. This was just knowledge share, no ask for sign up

  • Do NOT come off self-promotionary, I used @visualizevalue’s text=>image strategy to convert each newsletter topic into an image for easy sharing (people are visual)

  • Ask your audience to share your info and make it easy for them to do so

  • This led to another 300 sign ups

No magic bullet. Just share and let the intent be very high - use very obvious watermarking in the images you share. Encourage others to share and make it easy for them

Give me $0 and I’ll give you a million dollar business

I’m launching a 5-day FREE email course on finding and validating million dollar ideas for $0.

What you’ll be getting for $0:

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  • Systemised Frameworks for Problem Validation

  • Idea generation strategies

  • How to find the right customers to validate with

  • Questioning process to weed out risky ideas

  • How to ask important questions and control meeting conversations

  • Validation metrics to evaluate problem worth

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