How to get your first 50 users

The growth hacky way

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👉Acquiring your first 50 users for absolutely free (or barely much)

👉RemoteWorkly has a couple of hundred users in 3 weeks, here’s why

Acquiring your first 50 customers:

Customer Support

The best product won't mask shit customer support. Take care of each customer and you will be rewarded. Depth not breadth. Do things that don't scale

Caveat: None, DO IT

Pre-build distribution channels

Launching apps on marketplaces has huge advantages. App store, Chrome Extension Store, Slack Directory, Xero directory, Shopify app store

The audience is built. Just leverage

Caveat: Product revenue might get clipped

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Give society what it wants but cannot easily get at scale.

If your problem is big enough, people will care. The sense of belonging is innate to us

Caveat: Time and open passion


People what they can't get. "Limited offers, Offer expires soon".

Caveat: Top of funnel needs to be big


Controversial, but if you're a fintech product - news outlet validation really helps with Authority. The journo lists are out there, just do it

Caveat: Needs to be "on trend"


Paid Ads

Do it right and it can change your life. Don't do it alone, do it once you have proof, referrals and success to show

Caveat: Money, lol

Go where they're looking

Sell natural protein bars in the gym, not at a cafe. Be transparent with your customers

Caveat: But of research


People are simple. Virality occurs to feed into authority. People like sharing things that create uptake in social status. Make it easy for them to share

Caveat: Incentivise referral through capital or more features in product

Don't do NDAs

I said it 100x times. Unless you're corp, build in public, you will be rewarded. Scream at the top of your lungs about your work. If you don't promote it, don't expect others to

Caveat: A bit of time

Exchange Value for Data

You might not have money. But you can out-educate your competitors. Share what you know to build a community of people in that space

Can be around growth, or productivity tips. Look after those people as they will be your audience too

Caveat: Compacting enough value for people to think ebook was worth it

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RemoteWorky Has Several Hundred Users in 3 Weeks

Firstly, the number of users REALLY doesn’t matter, the main focus in the North Star, i.e is the problem you’re solving for them actually being solved?

How do you measure that?

For RemoteWorkly its DAU + tasks created combined with the number of meeting notes done.


Tactics for growth so far?

👉 Viral coefficient greater than 1, the value of RemoteWorkly increases as the team invite more people

👉Route to market was fast, RemoteWorkly was launched in 3 weeks

👉Product integration, integrate with the most popular tools and leverage their audiences (Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zapier Directory)

👉Very filtered onboarding, making the onboarding hard automatically filters the keenest customers

It’s still very early days but the problem is big and the market is wide

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