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🔥Product/Growth Knowledge concept for you (Cognitive overload)
🔥Product/Growth Tip of the week (Rewarded Onboarding)
🔥A profitable startup you can start today

What is cognitive overload?

In short, users can keep a maximum of 7 things in their working memory. So whenever you offer someone more than 7 things their brain goes into lazy mode and just opts out

One of the core reasons behind Apple’s success was laser focus on products they offered to their users. 1 iPhone vs 100 different phones (that Nokie and Samsung had). The lack of choice meant decision.

This is also partly the reason why high-end restaurants have a smaller menu, not only can the chef’s deliver better food but also helps end-users to reach a decision faster

Look into your app and your habits to notice when you feel overloaded. We were conscious of this building smartwriter.ai (AI Copywriting software)


Rewarded Onboarding

Onboarding is crucial to get your user to stay and love your product. We’re built on first impressions, its why fancy hotels have incredible foyers, to set the tone, to make you feel welcomed.

If a hotel had the best damn room in the world and amenities to go along with it, it wouldn’t matter if their foyer experience was crap because most people would bail

People severely underestimate the power of a well handheld onboarding. A simple thing you can implement is creating a progress bar/education approach

Take for example what Canny did

The feeling of progress, as well as tutorial videos with the founders, face in it, brings both a sense of reward for completing a task (we’re suckers for rewards) and the video with the founders face brings a sense of trust and familiarity. It’s not just a random robotic voice over but the ACTUAL founder of the company walking you through their product

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A profitable startup you can start today


2020 saw over 14 Million people register as a freelancer across sites like Upwork and freelancer.com. This is a massive audience of customers who will be looking to stand out and apart from each other and make a massive first impression. Building a proposal software not geared towards agencies but for freelancers and help manage invoices for them can be massive

Qwilr (DR 73)
Sydney based business, clean proposal software, very design focused. Offers payments, frozen documents, track record of changes, collaborative editing and team permissions Cost: 75 p/m

PandaDoc(DR 77)
UX can be better, more text focused less design focused, e sign capabilities, approval work flows, legally binding

Cost: 59 p/m

BetterProposals (DR 72)

Design templates, CRM to track proposal direction, smart follow ups, pages feel very elegant

Cost: 29 p/m

What people are saying

Problem: Massive influx of freelancers, it is difficult to stand out. Current software is geared mainly towards agencies and software is separated between proposal and client payment

This means more overhead for freelancers, in interviewing 4/10 freelancers said they currently are unaware of their payment flow and 80% of clients pay late

SLC (Simple Lovable Complete) Solution:

20 templates for different types of proposals focused on freelancer/upwork. Set up payments and recurring payment model.

UBP (unique bragging proposition):

Offer users payment links to get paid by clients. CRM for lead generation to track to you know what the status is. Smart email follow up and add upsells to any info products you've created in the past. Offer video onboarding, where after approval you can share a video of you thanking for trusting you - building a formative relationship


Early Growth

Reach out to freelancers on upwork. Post $5- $10 paid jobs, pay the person and tell then you will be giving the product to the user for free if they can recommend 10 more of their freelancer friends. FB Grounds for finding freelancers as they tend to be hanging out in local communties like Sydney Startups, Austin Startups etc. When you join don't spam, instead look for job postings and see people who offer their services Hire a freelancer to scrape profiles of freelancers and reach out to them on LinkedIn manually and on automation talking to them about how to improve conversion rate (everyone wants to make more money)

Why I chose this:

✅ In-built distribution

✅ SLC Launch in 3 weeks

✅ VC-backed product (tackle them on price)

✅ Not invisible (every new customer brings other customers)

✅ Revenue generating (customers will see an active increase in revenue after using your product, offsetting your subscription)

✅ Existing channel utilization - shopify

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