Its a guarantee you'll fail if you don't do this

In the end what matters are your customers, nothing else

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What we’ll be talking about:

👉 Questions to ask yourself around Problem Definition, Solutions, Competitor & Pricing Analysis

👉 How messaging is everything when you want to engineer growth

👉 Why a tweet of mine went viral

Questions to ask to prevent failure

I’ve built and seen a fair few products in my life and some are categorically flawed. This just comes down to the poor work done by the founder during the research phase

This phase doesn’t need to be too long, a couple of days if not less, but it needs to be thorough

Problem definition:

👉 In a few words, what is the problem?

👉 How often do your potential customers experience the problem?

👉 What’s hard about the problem?

👉 What are the common things they’ve done to solve the problem?

👉 What do they hate about their current solution to the problem?

Solution approach:

👉 How are you planning on solving this?

👉 What are the key unique selling points to your product, what makes you different?

👉 What are customers’ most important features and benefits?

List out your competitors:

👉 Write down 3 things they're excellent at

👉 3 thing's they're bad at

👉 Plan out how you're going to be 5X better than what they're good at and 10X better than what they're bad at

The most important bit

Pricing Analysis:

👉 How much does this problem cost your customers?

👉 How much have they spent trying to fix the problem?

These questions are designed to figure out how your product can be built for growth, and address every resistance point your potential customer may face

Why is messaging everything?

Well Warren B took classes on messaging through Robert Cialdini. Ideas are worthless if you can’t cno

Here’s a great blog about how you can accelerate your career by writing online, every day.

This doesn’t need to be your LinkedIn, it can be Twitter or Reddit.

You need to engineer the growth of your business and career, this is done F2F but before that, it’s done through LinkedIn and your Resume

Dave Gerhardt website on the laws of Copy Writing covers this well

Law #1

You must learn how people make decisions.

Law #2

You must uncover the selfish benefit.

Law #3

You must learn how to tell a great story.

Law #4

You must write like you talk.

Law #5

You must use your customer's words, not yours.

Law #6

You must write a short, choppy copy.

Law #7

You must be specific.

Law #8

You must nail the headline.

Law #9

You must back everything up with social proof.

Law #10

You must address objections upfront.

Why a tweet of mine went viral

Well, Viral in context to follower count. I had only 1200 followers 2 days ago, today it’s at 2550

I really wanted to find out why this post got 2500 likes and 760 retweets - because, well I want to repeat it as often as I can

After stalking other famous twitter accounts it came down to a few things. They followed a pattern:

👉 What’s In It For Me (write for the reader)
👉 Getting the message across in less than 6 words per sentence
👉 Putting yourself in their position, drawing familiarity
👉 Going against the normal sentiment, being a purple cow
👉 They used “you” at least once

This is how they engineered their growth.

Next week’s going to be even more exciting as we dive into how some famous eCommerce brands engineer their growth

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