The PASTOR made me better at sales

I got 102 new customers because of this


Back again and let’s jump into it!

What we’ll be discussing today:

👉The PASTOR technique to explosive sales (don’t worry not Religious lol)

👉7 reasons behind why you will always struggle with natural growth

👉How do you go about validating your business

The PASTOR technique to sales

The most famous copywriting technique out there is called the AIDA technique.
- Awareness (Make the customer aware of your product)
- Interest (Once aware how do you drive customer interest - e.g upcoming pages)
- Desire (After interested how do you make them desire it ? - wait lists)
- Action (Ultimate goal is to drive a purchase or conversion)

Now lets talk about the new kid on the block

What exactly is the PASTOR technique?

💥Person, Problem, Pain

Join the conversation in your customers head. Understand their problem, repeat it to them - speak about their pain.

e.g “Tried every tool out there and still no luck with automating your lead generation process? I’m guessing you’ve already spent $1000s on coaches and courses?”


Stress the consequences of what will happen if the problem isn’t solved

“Added stress, continuous pressure and constant money problems. That’s just the tip of the iceberg if you don’t build a consistent and reliable sales cycle in your business”


Story and Solution, tell the story of someone who solved the problem using your solution or similar like yours

Well stop. Look at Philippe, he’s achieved his goal of becoming a millionaire before 30 using the best online strategies for building a clockwork-like sales cycle.

💥Transformation & Testimony

Articulate real like testimonials of what happened when someone used your product. Course or product - whatever it is, people love social proof - we are all “sheep”

Check out the transformation of Kayla’s skin in Just.Two.Weeks of using the product. <insert Kayla’s personal testimonial - video


Describe exactly what you’re selling

An 8 week in person mentoring course where I’ll personally guide you through all the problems you’re facing in your business


Give exact step by step instructions on what to do next

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Full Creds to Copy That Sells - Ray Edwards


7 reasons behind why you will always struggle with natural growth

If you don’t make growth into your app, it’ll be a hard battle. This is not necessarily the case for every product. But its something you should definitely consider if possible

👉 Your CAC doesn't a nLog(n) curve at least, more users should not equal more cost, the product should self distribute

👉 Your product doesn't provide tangible value, does the user get something that they can then use? (subtitles, video editing etc)

👉 There's no network effect. A customers experience doesn't improve by inviting others (Slack)

👉 Have you thought about behaviour (Motivation + Ability + Trigger) infusion ? How does your app encourage productive behaviours, and does it have the capability to allow for it

👉 Your Ease of distribution is hard. A share button in an app isn't enough, maybe a web version of the app - so when shared, people can see it without downloading the app

👉 Viral co-efficient < 1. Loom, Drift, Frill are great examples of > 1

👉 You've ignored activation journeys. Why would someone go through the inconvenience of opening your app ?

Share Engineer Growth

How do you go about validating your business

There are a million ways to do this, but in theme with this post. Some quick ways:

👨‍🏫10 questions that are geared towards validating the problem (not the solution)
- Ask questions around problem frequency
- Problem cost
- Current problem solutions
- Current solution discomforts
- Where they look for solutions
- How much current solutions cost them
- Do they care enough about the problem

👨‍🏫Reach out to friends (who fit the bill), tell them it's for a company you're working with, it'll remove bias

👨‍🏫Post in various startup groups - Cold LinkedIn outreach via tools like meetalfred or snov

👨‍🏫Once someone has answered your questions set-up a Zapier hook and offer them a free ebook to solve the problem you're trying to solve for them in an MVP way (pre-builds community)

👨‍🏫Hit up Twitter with questions @ the right person

👨‍🏫Type in competitors, find out their Facebook ads and try stalk their comments, find out people complaining, DM them and ask them for help

👨‍🏫Be very very cautious around solution bias in the questions you ask ( all questions should be around problem validation )

And that’s all for this week 💪

Next week I’ll chat with you about

👉 product/growth plan

👉An industry growing at 250% a year

👉What are the best idea’s to start right now

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