304 Founders Said You'd Most Likely Fail Without This Skill

304 Startup founders voted on THE most important skills, and it was unanimous

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🔥Product/Growth Knowledge concept for you (Progressive Disclosure)
🔥Product/Growth Tip of the week (Copy tweaks that will easily bump your conversion by 25%)

Before we kick-off, I surveyed 300 founders and they unanimously voted for these skills to be THE most important for success

Progressive Disclosure

An interface is easier to use when complex features are gradually revealed later. By hiding complexity from the beginning, we can make the UI more approachable for all users. Humans are simple, KISS still applies today (Keep It Simple Stupid). Gradual revelation of features allows new and experienced users a great experience.

If you’ve built an amazing solution, launch it with a key position. And onboard users with a focus on that position, you can easily roll out all the additional features on a weekly basis (or sooner).

Imagine if FB launched today with the billion things it does, everyone would be lost. Gradual onboarding is vital to prevent feature exhaustion


8 Core Reasons That Will Convince Anyone To Buy

Lets face it, you don’t care about the salespersons family or their opinion, you just care about you and what using this product will do for you.

And this is the rule of the jungle. People don’t care about you, the care about what you can do for them (WIIFM, Whats In It For Me)

Easiest win right now, go to your website, ad or resume, replace everything that has “I, Me, Us, We” and reposition to use “You”

“I want to show you a great idea” vs “You need this great idea”

Here’s 8 Core Reasons That Will Convince Anyone To Buy:

  • You Make People Money

  • Save People Money

  • Save People Time

  • Avoid Effort

  • Prevent Mental/Physical Pain

  • Increase Social Status

  • Improve Comfort

  • Make you feel more loved

Use these core desires and try reposition your website. Here’s how the above would be applied to smartwriter.ai which is AI cold email copywriting software

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You Make People Money

Smartwriter create high converting cold emails that can increase your ROI by 47%.

Save People Money

Stop hiring expensive copywriters or burning money shooting cold emails blindly. Smartwriter gives you the power of the best copywriters in the world for just $39.

Save People Time

Smartwriter creates 100s of personalised fully prospected cold emails in seconds instead of hours. Supercharge your Sales Development Representatives time

Avoid Effort

Instead of spending hours coming up with email angles and finding prospect emails, automate your entire cold email outreach campaign in seconds

Prevent Mental/Physical Pain

The stress of creating a creative email only to have it never opened can suck. You’ll never need to spend another minute creating unique angles with Smartwriter’s AI.

Increase Social Status

Smartwriter is a Sales Development Representatives shortcut to a promotion, you will be closing more leads than your team can handle, without lifting a finger.

Improve Comfort

Imagine you hired the worlds best copywriters for free while you sat back and saw your pipeline flood with leads. Smartwriter makes that a reality with cold emails

Make you feel more loved

Close more leads with Smartwriter’s personalised AI, get home early and spend more time with your family


Note, I never ONCE used I, My, We, Us, Our. Its all about the customer and what they can experience. I’d love for you to try this with your own product and show me the results by replying back!

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