Why I chose to Engineer Growth

And why you should too!

Hello helloooo!

Firstly thank you for downloading my eBook, it’s been an incredible 3 days since launching it. Your support brought it to 721 downloads/subscribers!!!

I wanted to quickly share why I’m launching this newsletter which is dedicated to bringing you everything important and on-trend about building a product & engineering it for growth.

These are some of the strategies I used to grow $500 into a 7 fig business in one year, as well as help, build 50ish products in 2 years that bring in multiple millions/month in cash flow for founders.

Every week you’ll get filtered and curated top notch strategies around growth, product, sales & engineering. Guaranteed you’re in for some delishhh brianfood…

Soooo…A little about me, I grew up wanting to be a footballer/musician but fell into startups after failed corporate stints. I taught myself how to code & built my first company, I managed to work with juggernauts like PwC, The UN, Qantas within a few months of launch & built massive startups across Aus & the Globe in 2.5 years (it definitely wasn’t easy)

Why a newsletter? Because I’ve been looking for new ways to stay connected & share updates on my learnings, journey, successes & failures with my friends & followers so you can learn as well!

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