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I hope you forgive my sin of inconsistency, but things are back to flow.

What we’ll be discussing today:

👉Content is your resume in 2020

👉Launching to paying customers

👉Engineering your LinkedIn Outreach

Content is your resume in 2020

We’re in 2020, having a simple resume miigghht get you an initial screening but it’ll never make you stand out.

This goes beyond jobs if you’re running a business, a freelancer or selling a product you can’t simply depend on your point of contact with your customer to close the deal.

I want to introduce you to the BHAP process, Big Hairy Audacious Piece

The goal is to start with a giant content piece that can be strategically broken down into mini-pieces that can be shared across the internet - the GaryVee style (ugh)

My BHAP begins with YouTube and scales across every content piece

So what’s the exact process?

💥Use YouTube to find trending topics

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world with billions of users, but its an excellent engine vs Google because when someone views a content piece they commit to 30 minutes of their undivided time, vs Google where it might be article skims

My secret weapon is to use to find trending topics on YouTube.

I combine this research with 5 articles around this space along with my unique insight

I record a 15-20 minute video and strategically set the format for repurposing

💥Effective Repurposing

Each video has 4 topics that are spoken on for 3-4 minutes, enough to keep people excited and long enough to provide actual value.

These 4-minute pieces are then transcribed using into text that are then written into blogs

They are also processed and submitted as podcasts launched on Spotify, Apple, Anchor and every other podcast network out there

Cliff-hanger 1 minute pieces are put up on TikTok because the organic reach is 🚀

Mini-quotes from the video are also used to create about 40-50 tweets that are pushed out each week about 10 per day

Since I end up having 4 podcasts per week, it gives me a chance to interview a person on the 5th podcast, this podcast is the authority podcast - get someone credible and associate myself with someone who has credibility

The result of doing this for 1 week has gotten 10 leads, 120 sign-ups for this newsletter, 20 customers for

💥Organic Distribution

No one likes people who peddle their content. You need to be very focused on sharing outcome vs perceived value.

Don't tell me what you do, tell me what you can do for me.

"I have 5 years exp in Java, & I can build scalable infrastructures"


"I can fix your build pipelines, improve team efficiency, and fix any scaling issues in your business"

When you share content to make sure its geared towards how awesome they’ll become as a result of reading what you wrote.

This tactic can be used to push some of your content pieces onto distribution forums like Reddit, HackerNews, IndieHackers, ProductHunt, Niche Newsletters. You can also use this opportunity to reach out to influencers and share your article in the context of something they’ve shared before.


Launching to paying customers

Its everyone’s dream to build an audience before a product and paying customers before a single line of code

So how have the best done this?

Let’s look at some very quick ones you can easily replicate in 2020

📈Viral Loops

Robinhood was the OG behind this, they built one of the most successful prelaunch email capture waitlists. They gamified the system by getting people to climb up the invite ladder by sharing the product with other people.

You don’t need to do this custom, you can use a product like viral-loops or vyper to help you with this.

A quick way to build an audience, and build hype to get customers to spread your product for you and get people to buy your solution before you build it

📈eBook -> email capture -> remarketing

Build a simple ebook that actually is of some value to your target audience. If you’re building a product in the insurance space, share a 20 page eBook for free build on Canva on some of the tricks/tips I need to know to get the best deal.

Capture my email, and after you’ve got around 100-500. Send through an email saying you’re launching a product and you’re offering exclusive lifetime discounts that will be valid for exactly 12 hours

📈Launch a course

No really, build a course teaching people how to increase their credit score. Get real testimonials of people who tried your course for free

Take the knowledge you shared in the course and productise it into a solution, where people can actively use your app to improve their credit score.

2 things will happen:

  • You’re selling to an audience who’ve already interacted with you and trust you

  • You’re going to have very raw and honest feedback of your product that you can easily put up on a landing page and run ads

Share Engineer Growth

Engineering your LinkedIn Outreach

LinkedIn has become extremely spammy, doing genuine outreach is ridiculously hard and closing deals even harder, but someone email STILL works.

So what gives? How do you do this at scale

👨‍🏫Target your Audience

LinkedIn allows you to create really deep search criteria. Find your target audience, people who’re actively trying to find a solution to the problem you’re solving

👨‍🏫Connect with them

Use PhantomBuster/MeetAlfred/ to reach out to them at scale, if you’re too scared to do it with your own account, approach it with soft limits of maybe 30 connections a day.

If you’re willing to push it, create a fake account and send invites from there

👨‍🏫Access emails

Again use PhantomBuster/MeetAlfred/ to extract email addresses of the people you’ve connected with.

LinkedIn does this weird thing where it exposes the email of the people you’ve connected with - their private email - so your message won’t be gate kept via an EA for eg

👨‍🏫Create a lead flow

Use products like Lemlist to send out a cold email campaign and make sure you mention that “you’re connected on LinkedIn”.

This will make you stand out from everyone else trying to close deals thirstily on LI and instead move it to a personal hubspot - their personal email

👨‍🏫Close deeeelz

Offer a killer deal, jump on a call or share a free eBook to build a relationship with them.

Close deeelz and make 💰

And thats all for this week 💪

We’re back next week with more “haxxxxx” on engineering growth within your business

Next week I’ll chat with you about


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